Lucent supports organisations with a social purpose by helping them see clearly, make connections and inspire change

We believe that social change is possible, and that people already have the power to make change happen.

The world is complex and the future is uncertain. To address our big social challenges, organisations need clarity of purpose, an ability to adapt, and a willingness to collaborate.

We know from experience that delivering change requires agility and wisdom. We help you crystallise your purpose, work effectively and with impact and find clear, practical and achievable solutions.

We offer a fresh perspective; make connections and foster relationships; releasing and empowering organisations to make a meaningful and lasting difference



Here’s how we can help


To bring your bold ambitions for social change to life, Lucent can help you:


Clarify your purpose


A clear purpose shared across your whole organisation will provide direction and focus for your work.

Know your value

You will respond to a fast-changing environment with confidence, knowing where your core strengths lie.

Create a movement for change

Involving others throughout your work and collaborating in powerful partnership will spur you to go further.

Develop a future fit organisation

You will build your effectiveness with a clear model of change based on the best national and international practice. 

Govern and lead for impact

Good information, sound risk assessment and being clear how to measure impact will help you balance realism with ambition.

Working with Lucent  

Our support is uniquely tailored to your needs, so every project is different.  

Getting started

It can be hard knowing how to start building a strategy, a new partnership or project. To help you, our governance reviews and evaluations get under the skin of how you work, while the Lucent Impact Audit takes a holistic view of how effectively you make change happen. 


We work with you to deliver bespoke solutions that accelerate change when your organisation is stuck or you simply don’t have capacity to deliver. This includes strategy development, national and international practice reviews, options appraisal, feasibility assessments and action plans. 


Where the goal is deep, lasting change, we work shoulder to shoulder with the senior team and Board over 12 months or more. This enables you to address the challenges you are facing at a time that is right for you while ensuring that focus and momentum are maintained.  

In whatever way Lucent can help, it always starts with a conversation. Get in touch at or call 07939 257040.

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